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BS Success

The Successes with My BeatSmarts Program are no BS!

Here are the successes of actual BeatSmarts students during just the pilot version of the first book!

23-year-old “Rocks Out” in 10 Lessons!

“I was just your average music lover without the skills to keep a beat unaided, nor could I coordinate my hands and my feet. I wanted to play drums but didn’t know how to start. After 10 lessons… I not only understood the structure of rhythm, I could rock out! It was exciting being able to listen to music with new ears and hear each drum being played, and even start to play along with my favorite bands. Frank was a very patient and enthusiastic teacher, rejoicing as much in my newfound skills as I did.” — Sara H

Mom Realizes 5-Year-Old Is Learning Rhythm, For REAL!

“Just a note to tell you how ingenious I find your music program… I thought it was just a method of teaching a young child to get used to banging the drums with both hands. It was not until I was helping my daughter with her piano lesson that I realized how amazing the program is. My daughter was having a hard time playing a song using both of her hands, and becoming very discouraged. I knew she just needed to get the rhythm, which is something (I thought) you’re either born with or lucky enough to acquire sometime in your life. I used your technique, and was amazed at how simply she was able to grasp the concept of rhythm. This is when it dawned on me how ingenious the program is. You have created an incredibly simple way of teaching rhythm to anyone.” — Vilma C

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