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In the Pocket MasterClass Lite Pilot Program

Be part of the pilot to my MasterClass video course on playing in the pocket!

Get 10 video lessons (and maybe more!) just for being part of the pilot which allows me to get video content together. Get a free copy of BeatSmarts 1.0 book and get the adaptation of the book to drum kit over your 10, live, 1-hour video sessions!

Climb into the pocket like never before!

Beginner, intermediate or advanced. No matter. This is for everyone. And, even if you don’t play drums, these lessons are something vital to every musician. In fact, part of my journey to finding the pocket involved mastery of electronic music, sequencing and composition, as well as playing rhythm guitar and songwriting. My program is the culmination of 40 years of experience in multiple drumming, songwriting and performing fields and genres, and I’m bringing the product of all of it to you, in 10 easy sessions.

Think Globally. Drum Locally. For 10 Bucks (or less) a Session!

This is part of my larger pilot to release my BeatSmarts Pocket MasterClass. By getting in now for 10 sessions, at this ridiculously-low pricing, you’re helping me launch the pocket entry program to planet Earth.

With my 10-step program you will:

  • Understand the Composition and Make-Up of the Pocket Itself
  • Learn Syncopation, Accents and How they Relate to Establishing Groove
  • Implement the Basics of Ghost Notes
  • Master the Essence of the Groove and Develop Keen Feel
  • Develop Fluidity and Ease of Motion
  • Feel Music in a Way You Never Have Before
  • Only Pay 10 Bucks (or less) a Session to Get Moving and Grooving

Don’t delay. This pilot program has limited enrollment. When it’s full, I’m closing it down and we launch the MasterClass. The pilot makes you part of it. And that’s where the REAL fun begins!


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