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The BeatSmarts 1.0 Book & Program

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How to Master Groove and Play In the Pocket In 10 Steps

Getting “BeatSmart” is a matter of just understanding the relationship of timing, rhythm, accent and syncopation. Using a very simple method, on a very simple, easy-to-follow gradient, you will master the concepts and be able to jam using spot-on grooves. You will also learn:

  • why you can copy a groove from another but not quite duplicate it
  • how to establish the pocket and make any group sound amazing
  • to develop a sense of fluidity in your playing
  • how to have confidence, relax and play better than you ever have
  • the way to be the solid meter and create tight-knit bands and ensembles
  • the rudimentary, foundational concepts behind drum rudiments
  • to be the best version of yourself as a drummer or other musician

Or, go take my pilot masterclass and get the book free with your video class signup. (See Masterclass link above)

Making Child’s Play Out of Rhythm: The Program That Started All the Trouble!

The initial branding for my program was spot on but a little off in eyes of viewers. Make no mistake, young girl or not on the cover, this is no children’s book by any stretch. But it can teach rhythm to all ages. The girl was meant to communicate making “child’s play” out of rhythmic training.

The book that started as a 10-lesson protocol I put my students through to take them from zero to groove and help them find the pocket without having to be “born with it” or study for years on end. Sure, chops take time and effort to build, but grasp of the pocket and mastery of groove is instantaneous once grasped. And, my 10 lessons can deliver that for sure!

10 Foundational Lessons In Pocket and Groove!

These lessons take you from accent to syncopation and from mind to drum kit. Anyone can play a series of rhythms, but can you feel and ESTABLISH pockets of time that create unstoppable groove!

“I not only understood the structure of rhythm,
I could rock out!”

– Sara H, Age 23

“I used your technique and was amazed at how simply she was able to grasp the concept of rhythm. This is when it dawned on me how ingenious the program is. You have created an incredibly simple way of teaching rhythm to anyone.”

— Vilma C, Mom of 5-Year-Old Student

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