BeatSmarts STAGE 2!
Mastering Your Backhand,
Ghost Syncopation
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Release Date Tues, Sept 29th

Here is the book you have been waiting for. After interviewing and surveying hundreds of drummers, not one referenced this in their attempt to describe how to play in the pocket. It’s so subtle you miss it every time but when you discover it, it is so obvious you’ll never believe you didn’t see it.

The sequel to BeatSmats 1.0 Syncopation and the Basics of the Pocket, this book details exactly how to strengthen your secret weapon to play with groove you never thought possible, all in these short, simple exercises.

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BeatSmarts STAGE 1
The Basics of the Pocket
Special 2020 Edition
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Release Date Tues, Sept 29th

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Original 2003 release available now in this 2020 edition at this special price!

If you ever doubted that you have to be “born with it”, you’re in the right place!

My original 40-exercise breakthrough on mastering something people say “you have to be born with” is now even “breakthrouier” with more content!

Yes, these 40 exercises will still take you from zero to total mastery of basic groove and building your own pocket, but now the additional content makes it even better. Commentaries from other drummers on pocket and groove, special updates on my personal breakthroughs in achieving perfect meter, as well as more spins on how to use the material.

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BeatSmarts Special 2020
Pocket Combo Pack
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Release Date Tues, Sept 29th

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Get both the new Stage 2 Backhand book release and the 2020 Special Edition of Stage 1 at this incredible price that will save you $20 overall! A small price to pay for a pocket that can earn you a fortune!

And, coming in December 2020…

My Love Affair With the Pocket

This is the story behind the pocket, how I found it and marked the way for ANYONE to follow. This is my history of an over 40-year search for the answer.

This is the theory study behind the practical, and the headspace of the pocket itself. It is insight needed when addressing the mechanics. Now you can get inside my head (and the heads of other drummers I have interviewed) in this definitive guide to thinking in time.

It’s time. Get yours this December!

A system you can grasp in your first couple of lessons…

Finally, a system of learning what you’ve been told is a “talent” or knack known only to a fortunate few. I know differently. I may have felt I was born with it, but something inside me said that anyone could learn it.

And when I successfully taught it to another, and then another, and then yet another, it clicked and the BeatSmarts system was born.

My Pocket Cam

Want to know more about how I raised my “Drumming IQ” and got BeatSmart? Check out my bio page and hear my story here.