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If you ever doubted that you have to be “born with it”, you’re in the right place!

Welcome to the BeatSmarts system, developed by drummer, rhythmist and performer Frank Sardella. This is a program which was piloted with students of all ages, from very young to much older, novice to pro and is the culmination of years of experience in genres and platforms as well as integration of accents and syncopation to create a system to learn groove and to play in the pocket!

On Stage, In Front of People Is Where We Drummers Belong

Want to know more about how I raised my “Drumming IQ” and got BeatSmart? Check out my bio page and hear my story here.

A system you can grasp in your first couple of lessons…

Finally, a system of learning what you’ve been told is a “talent” or knack known only to a fortunate few. I know differently. I may have felt I was born with it, but something inside me said that anyone could learn it. And when I successfully taught it to another, and then another, and then yet another, it clicked and the BeatSmarts system was born.

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